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Who We Are?


We are a non profit organizations helping non profit shelters by providing animals necessities. More than 500 Dogs and Cats sheltered around Lebanon are in need of your Help!

Due to our economical disaster and the disappearance of any foreign currency in Lebanon, and due to COVID crisis people started throwing their pets on the streets. Many shelters are failing to provide basic needs (Food to animals). A bag of food used to cost  around 20$ 30,000 Lebanese pounds now our 20$ is in between 100,000 and 180,000 Lebanese pounds depending on the black market prices and how much the providers are providing.

Surgeries are also become unbarring expansive to the Lebanese people.
100 – 200$ the minimum amount needed for neutering.
Which is equal to 900,000 ” a 2 months medium salary” – 1,800,000 “a 4 months medium salary”.


Our Process


With most of the donations we will be buying food for the shelters and distribute them evenly so no animal gets left out.

Shelters will receive supplies not cash. In case of any emergency surgery we will be attending the hospital and paying the required bills.

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Our Beneficiaries

The People who dedicated their lives on rescuing and sheltering animal from the horrors of the streets and abusive humans.

Anthony Abi Hanna

Private Shelter
150+ Dogs

Rita Merhy

Home Shelter
9 Dogs
4 Cats

Maria Abd El Masih

Home Shelter
Private Shelter
50+ Dogs

Saydeh Chahine

Home Shelter
15 Dogs
6 Cats


More to come