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Donations are base on monthly needs, the details will be reset every 1st of the month.

People residing in Lebanon

You are able to donate food bags or cash via western union or in-person. Please do not donate straight to the beneficiaries as we are working on providing everyone with food equally so no dogs/cats are left without food. For more info please contact us on: 71237333. Thank you.

How are we dealing with donations?


In the following page we added the products needed for feeding the sheltered Dogs and Cats and approximately how many bags are needed each month.

The food choice are one of the cheapest and best products that we have around, that are safe for the animals.

What do we exactly need?

Here is the list of supplies needed

Dry Food

Price per Bag (20kg):  20$

Needed 500 bags per month
The brand defers, depending
on the availability in the country.

Chicken Necks

Price per kg: 50 cents

Needed 4500kg per month


Price per vaccine set: 7$

Needed 10 vaccinations per month