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Saydeh Chahine




Home Shelter

Please insert your text here,
just click somewhere on the letters and replace them with so bio about you and your shelter mention how many adult dogs, puppies, cats and disabled dogs you have. Mention where you are keeping them and how much food you need per month. THANK YOU

Do not add any videos i will give you a link for our youtube channel for you to upload it on the OUR youtube channel.

Shelter part you could add images Where it says image. HOver your mouse over the image and you get a grey bar, inside that gery bar there is the Setting icon second to the left, click on it then scrole down to image, click on add image upload the images you would like to add to your correspondent folder that is under your name. Make sure images to not exceed 300kb more or less.

do not change the structure of how things are because each page has the same structure.

If you need help please contact me on facebook or on 71237333